A generation brought up upon instant gratification: (Final Year Print Project)

I chose to do a print project as opposed to a dissertation in my third & final year of study. I wanted to look into the pornographic culture rapidly rising due to the emergence of the internet & in particular focus upon how this was affecting the behaviour/views of young adults around a similar age to me who may have distorted views of sex or suffer from porn addiction. As part of the 4,000 word article I interviewed those who suffered from porn addiction, sex therapists/specialists, ex Pornstars, owners of the biggest online pornographic websites, lecturers, authors and more to present an impartial feature on a serious issue. It took me just around four months to compile the entire piece. For the purposes of the project I also had to bring it to life by replicating the design for the target publication I chose, which in this case was The Guardian. Via InDesign, the feature design of the iconic tabloid newspaper was replicated to fit inline with my article which can be viewed below.

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