Juicy J – Stay Trippy (Review)


I think I’ll begin this review by saying I definitely did not have high expectations for this album at all and truth be told, I wasn’t going to plan on giving it a go until I saw the features which included high profile names such as Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd, Trey Songz, Chris Brown and more. These are four of my top five RNB artists (if you’re curious the other is Miguel) so I had to give this album a go and let me start by saying that this album isn’t on par with Born Sinner or even Hall of Fame but it is a decent album with a few 5* tracks, easily worth the ten dollars or pounds you’d pay.

This review won’t be as in depth as the Hall of Fame review because I actually can’t go in depth about each track due to the pure fact that the majority of songs are about getting high, strippers and women… actually, they all are but for Juicy J, that’s his forte, you expect this from him so I’m not disappointed. If I wanted conscious rap, I’d listen to Cole or Kendrick and by choosing to listen to Juicy J, I want a fun care free Hip Hop album. There’s a reason Juicy J wasn’t mentioned on Control and that’s because like 2 Chainz, he isn’t competition for any rapper. Juicy is in it for the money and at least he is man enough to admit it.

My personal favourite songs from the album are ‘The Woods ft Justin Timberlake’, ‘Bounce It ft Trey & Wale’, ‘One of those nights ft The Weeknd’ and ‘Scholarship ft A$AP Rocky’. As you’ve notice, they all are songs with a featuring artist and I for one am extremely enraged that the best song on the album made it on to the deluxe edition, ‘One Of Those Nights’ is an amazing song and should have made it on to the main album. Period. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and Young Jeezy also have fun featuring on this care free Hip Hop album and we see the rapper/hybrid artist in Chris Brown come to life which is always a pleasant site to see. These songs pull this album to an above average rating… shame it can’t be said for a few others.

These being ‘If I Aint’, ‘Gun Plus A Mask’, ‘No Heart No Love’ and ‘Stop It’ which after multiple listens, I still can’t tell apart until the hook comes in. Sorry not sorry. Nevertheless, these four songs have an amazing Hip Hop beat and throughout the album we are introduced to an amazing array of beats and instrumentals, even one of those being produced by Timberland. I didn’t research this album before release so all these features, producers and what not are of a great surprise to me and a pleasant one at that.

The best feature would have to be given to The Weeknd for his hook and verse on ‘One Of Those Nights’ and his ‘High For This’ being sampled in ‘Smokin’ Rollin’’. He is closely followed by Justin Timberlake whose hook on The Woods was mellow, calm and made the track what it was, a masterpiece. The worst feature is given to Lil Wayne who for the life of me I do not know why he is constantly featured on songs, he is awful, he is past it and he is just plain dreadful. I wasn’t too impressed with Project Pat either.

This album is good in the sense that you have a pure Hip Hop album with incredible features, catchy singles and it is easy to sit through, a good album to drive too also on a night out. Furthermore Juicy J works hard to think of 187 different verses to describe getting high, honestly, I’m in awe.  Juicy J impressed me nevertheless this album can be hastily improved to compare with the likes of Big Sean and J Cole. First of all, less of the stupid songs about getting high which is basically almost every song, more variation is needed to be honest. Second of all, any rapper could’ve rapped over these songs, guess the point I’m trying to make is that Juicy J didn’t really bring anything himself to the table and his features are the reason the album is what it is, any other rapper could’ve made this album and could’ve done a better job… Juicy J isn’t the best lyricist and it shows, however ‘Stay Trippy’ is an album I will listen to again and an album Juicy J should be proud of, he did a good job and he will make his ‘Mula’ off of it. I give this album a solid 7.3 out of 10. Take off the Weeknd, JT, Chris and Trey then you get a 6/10… says a lot. I prefer this to MCHG & Yeezus, thought I’d put that out there.

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