Nights are best spent undressing you, caressing you. And if I happen to not be next to you, it’s best spent thinking about you. All the things I’d do to you, do for you, through and through, forever about you. I get lost when it comes to a lot of thoughts, You’re the one thought […]

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I see you, I’m hypnotised; far from a spell more like a leash I can’t let go of. You have me, I’m yours and wouldn’t want to be anyone else’s. Touch me. You’ll find your sixth sense. Breathe into my lungs and hold onto me, I’ll find what life truly means. An epiphany in the […]


I dreamt this was us. I dreamt about trust. I dreamt about lust, nay I dreamt about love. I dreamt about the stars & all I saw was you. I dreamt of the world Which meant I dreamt about you. I had a bucket list, ticking each item off as the days pass. Then you […]

Though modernised, what we have is as archaic as it comes. My only desire is to get betrothed young. In holy matrimony, we’ll belong to each other. Inseparable, a pair so potent yet so perfect. All because of you & the things you do. They say giving yourself away at a young age is a […]

It’s snowing outside, you lay in these arms of mine. Many moons ago, it was you who I’d FaceTime. Now here we are, in what we call our own personal paradise. I’m in need of constant affection, nothing but your sweet soul will suffice. Life is nice when you’re around, I wish to fall asleep […]


The showcase of immortals has come and passed us by, except it was anything but that. More like a flash in a pan, we caught a glimpse of Attitude Era stars, NBA Hall of Famers and one Roman Reigns, yeah people really don’t like that guy.Se A consensus shared among the online wrestling community is […]

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“pimp pimp, hooray” After TDE CEO Anthony Tiffith revealed earlier in the week that there’d be a surprise project dropping out of the camp, not many would’ve predicted that Kendrick Lamar would be the sole driving force behind it. In a move that brought the internet to a standstill, grammy award winning rapper Kendrick unveiled […]